Common Q&A's

Common Q&A's

Common Question: Do I need to bring anything?

Common Answer: Just an open mind, and a free spirit!


Q: What can I expect?

A: Expect to have fun! There will be jokes, there will be laughter, and while guests will also learn real world techniques for professional painting, free form will be encouraged too. These sessions are also intended to provoke a sense of Mindfulness, restoration, and rejuvenation as we will be going inward throughout portions of the experience. You will be encouraged trust your instincts and do what feels best for your own composition. Dopamine, the chemical that is responsible for our pleasure and reward system, is released and activated when we engage with something that is considered to be too hard or challenging. This helps for social bonding, invoking communication skills, problem solving and boosting self esteem. When we create together, we feel more connected to others. In short, these experiences are meant for growth and release, while also having fun in the process.


Q: Why the name yourpaintedlady?

A: Because like a butterfly, this is a transformational process, and it is uniquely your own! 


Q: Will I be able to see?

A: Yes! Your host will supply a small printed out copy of the painting (approximately 4x6 inches,) while also walking around to demonstrate.  


Q: Are food and beverage items included with ticket purchase?

A: Food and beverages are not included with the ticket price. All items purchased from venues will be a seperate tab that each guest is responsible for.


Q:Can I bring my own food and alcohol?

A: Outside food and beverages are not permitted. We appreciate everyone's effort to help re-strengthen the community commerce.


Q: Where should I park?

A: Because YourPaintedLady moves from location to location, it is suggested to check out restaurant or city websites for parking lots, and any other needed information while planning ahead for the night out. 


Q: What if my painting doesn't "look like that?"

A: This is what makes YourPaintedLady, YOURpaintedlady! Think of this class as an opportunity to truly learn about painting as you create something that is special while in the company of a guide. Take the parts that speak to you, then discard the rest. Incorporate something else!


Q: What size is the canvas?

A: Canvases are 11x14 so that guests may dine and engage with others with optimal access. 


Q: Will Paintings be sketched out?

A: Paintings are not sketched out for everyone's sense of freedom, personal growth and challenge! 


 Q: What if I've never painted before?

A: No preconceived skills are necessary. The host will help prompt the guests, taking them on an inner journey so that they can reach their full potential. Together all will learn to look at the world in a new way, and through the eyes of our own inner artist. Guests will be encouraged to explore their own inner landscapes, their own feelings, perceptions, imagination, and way of doing things. This is how every artist learns. It is better to express what is coming from within rather than copying the outside world.


 Q: How long do events last?

A: Events typically last about two hours and will began at the posted time. Arriving early is always encouraged, and will make for the best transitions into the introduction of the event, allowing us to all remain on the same page for the duration. It is also a great opportunity to get checked in, find a cozy seat, and get started on food or beverages. No one wants to miss a moment of fun!


Q: What ages is this for?

A: YourPaintedLady is intended for a night on the town experience, geared toward legal adults. Teenagers under 18 are welcomed when accompanied by another adult. Arrangements for young children is the most considerate choice for all attendees unless the event is otherwise intended for younger audiences.


Q: Do you hold child classes? When?

A: Yes, child classes are held from time to time. Those classes will be stated under the In Person Events tab as they become available.


Q: I booked this with a group, will we all be able to sit together?

A: Most of the time, yes. Though it must be said that groups are not always guaranteed to be seated next to each other due to limiting arranged spaces which are unique at every venue. This could also be the happy opportunity to make new friends in the community! 


Q: What if inclement weather is expected?

A: When dangerous weather looms, safety is the top priority. The event may be cancelled, or postponed to which all guests will have an opportunity for a full refund should the new date and time not work out for them. Full reimbursement is always an option on the rare occasion that the host must cancel for any reason.


 Q: What type of paint is this? Will it come out of my clothes?

A: We use water based acrylic paint. It tends to come out when wetted and rinsed with cold water in a sink before the paint is dry. Aprons are always provided at events.


Q: What else is provided?

A: Everyone will have their own canvas, a supporting easel, a protective apron, the paint brushes of necessity to complete advertised painting, an individual water cup, paper plate palette, and paper towels. We will take care of you!


 Q: What type of event is this good for?

A: This makes for a memorable date night, girls night out, birthday parties, anniversaries, team building exercises, advancing a skill, trying a new skill, or going out on your own to meet others within the community, and more!


 Q: What professional techniques will I learn? 

A: Each class is different, for beginners and the experienced. Guests will be walked through a variation of concepts ranging from blending techniques, depth of perception, texturing, splattering, color theory concepts, and more.  But most importantly, they will be encouraged to think for themselves. 


Q:What's the most important thing I can do?

A: Relax, have fun, get lost in the music and atmosphere. Embrace that this is a sensory process, and everyone's piece will turn out differently. Enjoy the ride of the experience and make it your own. You can paint what your host is doing, or you can go completely off road. Free art is important because it allows us to exercise intrinsic motivation rather than falling under someone else's belief system. If you have been wanting to try something new, this is that thing to do!


Q: What have you learned through painting?

A: Painting brings a sense of calm and peace in an otherwise busy world focused on getting to the next point instead of embracing the here and now. With more practice you will began to view colors and dimensions differently. You will feel more connected to your own intuitive thinking and to your higher self. You will learn to trust your initial instincts, to dissolve boundaries between success and the seemingly impossible, and become reconnected to the inner child within. 




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