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Hello and thank you checking out my small business!

If we haven't met at a previous class, please allow me to formally introduce myself. My name is Janice! I'm a Triangle native with over 20 years of artistic experiences. In 2009, I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design, leaving with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. I have customized and sold pieces privately, as well as held them in galleries. Currently, I work as a full time Atelierista at a Pre-K school and am training as an Art Therapy Practitioner.

Since 2015 I've been a part of bringing public craft parties to our favorite local bars and restaurants, with a goal in mind to help strengthen the art community, and hoping to alleviate something within people. Classes are two hour sessions, guiding guests with professional technique, and the final masterpiece is ultimately their own creative choice of expression! 

The goal to pass on to others, is the experience of individual capacity, finding ourselves reaching new mental and emotional heights, as well as an understanding that what we each have inside of us are all the tools to succeed the way we need to. The instructor is merely just a guide. What the other person next to us is doing is their magic, and, we each have our own. Realistic forms can teach us about real world techniques and symbolisms as we use painting for an outlet to express ourselves. Then a bit of free art is incorporated to help us exercise and realize our intrinsic motivations. Guests are prompted to do what feels right for their own compositions vs. the beliefs systems of someone else.

Classes start with setting the atmosphere for a relaxing time away from responsibilities. The blank canvases in front of you will undergo their own transformational processes-- They are not sketched out beforehand! Let's push our boundaries together. Explore the unknown. Come early and order food or drinks. Let go of expectations. We will be incorporating a bit of Mindfulness, and embracing this as a sensory experience, with music and laughter, unphased by touching the paint when we need to, uninhibited by what we think something should look like. Just as a butterfly sheds from the cocoon, this is your painted lady. Creating together allows us to feel more connected to others, and to further value our own unique selves. So come paint with us and see what you can do!



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