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Les Lapins, April 21st, Gizmo Brew Works Durham

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Looking for warm things to do? Join us for a sip and paint class, where we will be coming together through the creative process. This is a judgment free zone, as guests will be invited to relax and flow as they are guided through a painting lesson from a professional artist on an 11x14 inch canvas. Individuals will be given the understanding of real world painting techniques, while also being encouraged to express themselves from within, bringing forth what feels most natural and instinctive to their own compositions. Consider this as a sensory experience with a focus on the process in its most natural form. Think music, ambiance, twinkle lights, and maybe even getting a little bit of paint on your hands from time to time. Take the parts that speak to you, then discard the rest!

Rabbits have been associated with elements of creativity, growth, and expansion. The dawn of spring brings forth an openness for limitless possibilities and this chapter of growth is not about what you want to let go of, but rather what you want to grow with. Magic looms in the air during this hour and the rabbit symbolizes where and how we place those energies for manifestations. 

We will be learning about landscape, sky, and animal texturing elements in this class. We will be exercising contrast to create spatial depth and detail as we also consider grass and techniques for foliage.  

Meanwhile, Gizmo Brew Works offers Sunday discounts on $15 Mimosa Carafes and $5 individual mimosas! Or, perhaps you'd be interested in Mimosa Flights. Try out 30 – 50 flagship beers on tap, or the latest taproom-only small-batch release. An assortment of local wine, cider, cocktail, and non-alcoholic options are also available.

Come early and get those creative juices flowing while sipping and painting in the heart of the University Hill Complex in Durham. This is beautiful open space and is rapidly growing with things to do. 

 Beverages are not included with ticket price. Guests may inform the Brewery that they are with our group while opening tabs.

 To learn more about Gizmo Brew Works Durham, please visit the website:

Events typically run for 2 hours, and they will begin at the scheduled start time. Coming early to get those creative juices flowing is never a bad idea, or maybe you’d like to eat at one of the restaurants nearby first. No one wants to miss first step instructions! 

Spaces are limited and we encourage registration as early as one is able to commit as it will optimize planning and experiences for everyone. 

Location Address: 3109 Shannon Rd Ste 201 Durham, NC 27707

Event Date: April 21st, 2024

Event Start time: 3:00pm-5:00pm

Because events are intended for adults looking for a night on the town experience, we kindly remind them that arrangements for small children would be the most considerate choice for all attending guests. The Goblin King may get them.

Yourpaintedlady is your own creative process. It is your autonomy and creative style. It is the transformation of a canvas as you see it.

Bring yourselves and a free spirit. The host will supply the rest. We are excited to see you there!